Professional environmental solutions serving the North East and customers throughout the UK 

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Our Market

The main sectors for our specialised consultancy services are:

  • Public Water Supply
  • Renewable Energy (Hydropower, Ground/Surface Water Heat Pumps)
  • Agriculture (Spray Irrigation)
  • Leisure (Golf courses, Race Courses)
  • New Authorisations (currently exempt from environmental regulation)

• Utilities

• Energy

• Heavy Industry and Water Intensive Industries (Water Bottling etc.) 

• Light Industry

• Regulators (Environment Agency, SEPA, NRW, NIEA, and Ofwat)

• Commercial

• Residential

• Medical, Healthcare and Sciences

• Food and Drink

• Education and Training (Schools, Colleges, and 


• Local Authorities –Towns, Boroughs, Cities, and County Councils

• Government

• Transport

• Mining

• Ceramics

• Iron and Steel

• Metal smelting

• Waste

• Armed Forces

• Public and Private Sectors

• Textiles