JBEL Environmental Services?

JBEL environmental services is an independent environmental management consultancy whose aim is to help you and your company stay ahead of environmental, regulatory and climatic changes. Helping you to remain competitive and balance your environmental regulatory requirements and business objectives. We provide professional expert advice and guidance on a range of environmental matters covering the water, renewable energy, agricultural and leisure sectors.

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About Us

JBEL environmental was established in 2016 to provide practical, cost-effective environmental consultancy services and innovative solutions in response to the call for pragmatic advice and guidance to help individuals, businesses and organisations successfully navigate the rapidly changing environmental regulatory landscape. Our aim is to help you and your company fulfil its ambitions of sustainable business growth, that also benefits our natural environment and society.

We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and ideally located to provide an environmental consultancy service to the whole of the UK.

Our excellent personal service and the value we add, differentiate us from the big national engineering-focussed brands. Our network includes regulators, government and non-government organisations, together with a number of independent environmental professionals, specialists and associate consultants, to cater for a range of environmental projects.

Why Choose Us?

Director, Junier Browne MBE, has more than three decades experience in the Environment Agency, National Rivers Authority and private sector - managing a variety of multidisciplinary teams and projects, to deliver improvements for business, people and the environment.

We have deep expertise in many areas of environmental regulatory policy and operations, specialising in water resources regulation, environmental permitting and management.

We are passionate about protecting and safeguarding the natural environment. As a result of our unique blend of strategic, policy development and operational expertise, we understand that to do this means striking the right balance between people, the environment and growth.

Thirty-five years of environmental regulatory experience helps us to quickly establish your requirements and get it right first time - saving you time, money and energy.

Our Vision

Today’s increasingly complex environmental landscape, set against challenging economic times, climate change and tighter regulatory requirements, calls for original but carefully considered sustainable solutions focussing on people, business resilience and adaptability - all key to a successful future. Increased environmental regulatory compliance and reporting is also fast becoming a major challenge for all businesses, particularly those in the water, agricultural, renewable energy and business sectors.

We can help you:

  • to remain competitive
  • your people and your company to stay ahead of current and future environmental regulatory challenges
  • balance your environmental requirements and key business priorities.